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Artist Statement

My work is a visual meditation on the existence of light and the perpetual generation of shadows, reflections and refractions.

The images I conveys are often abstractions of large objects or common sites and have a silent note in it, that leads the viewer to draw near and to be enclosed in my personal path.

Highly suggestive as metaphors to the saying: "There’s more to what meets the eye", they speak to the eyes and the soul hiding behind the surfaces of geometrical images extracted from modern architecture as well as from the design found in nature.

Although these images often declare the absence of human beings in fact they report the silence that is in each one of us but we so often refuse to aknowledge.

Essential and aiming to harmony my work is not made to impress a fretful eye. It requires time to be assimilated. I hope my photographs will stimulate the soul's eye and will lead the viewer to tip-toe around them, hopefully finding answers while questions arise.

There’s music inside each image, as we all have an unknown song inside of us, but it takes courage to silence things around us to hear it.