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The artist:

Anna Mosca, unrelented globe-trotter, is back in Italy after many years in the U.S.A. Works as an artist, freelance photographer and teaches at the European Art Academy of Milan. She also teaches in other institutes Arts and Communication courses. She was introduced to Photography when, as a teen-ager, she started to work as a high fashion model. Modeling was her career for a long time before she went into the mission field due to a radical spiritual change in life. She studied Fine Arts in the U.S.A. as well as graduated with Honors at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Italy. Prior to getting full time into photography Anna Mosca was operating first as a Painter and later as a Conceptual Artist.

Her work is a visual meditation on the existence of light and the perpetual generation of shadows, reflections and refractions.

The images she conveys are often abstractions of large objects or common sites made unrecognisable. Those images often have a silent note in it, that lead the viewer to draw near and be welcomed in her personal path and song. Highly suggestive metaphors they speak to the eyes and the soul, concealed behind the packaging of geometrical images.